About me

Sport was always a huge part of my life. I was a dancer for 10 years and I started to teach dance at the age of 16. That time I found a book on my grandma’s shelf about yoga and spiritualism. A month later I became vegetarian and this is how my yoga journey started with ahimsa, although I did not practise asanas that time yet, only when I got into the Bhaktivedanta College 2 years later. After the first year they asked me to be part of the teachers and take their yoga teacher-teacher training which was another 3 years of study and teaching at the college. Soon I started having my own yoga group, with I felt myself blessed with for several years. I worked for more yoga studios and later I had a small studio. Last year I attended a massage therapist school (Bessimeon) to provide a more refreshing experience to my guests, also because my friends were keep saying how good masseuse I am, so I believed them. Many years after, I met my husband and because of him I did move to the Netherlands. Now I am ready to meet my new guests here. 🙂

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